What a Sales Manager Really Wants

As a sales professional the key to your survival is being able to sell yourself to clients and prospects.  The reality of business rapport hasn't changed from the beginning of time.  People buy from people they like.  The client is really buying "you" above anything else. Why then is it so hard to sell yourself in an interview?  Does it feel like bragging? You should be proud of what you do professionally!  When you get into an interview process, your sales manager is looking for some key characteristics in your background to ensure that you are a compatible fit to the organizations needs.  In my professional career, I have breathed this on both sides of the table.  Below is a sample of what a sales manager is looking for;  it doesn't really matter what industry you are in.  Enjoy!



What A Manager Really Wants

  1. Production (Over the quota performance.)

  2. Time and Territory Management Skills

    1. Goals- What am I going to get done today?  This week?  This month?
    2. Prioritization: Most important things first.
    3. Focus: Daily production, reports on time, projects completed, etc.
    4. Follow up: Customer queries/ calls handled immediately.
    5. Crisis Management: Problems handled, customers soothed.
  1. Prospecting Skills

    1. Image and Impression
    2. Woo & Warm
    3. Energy, Intensity, Stamina
    4. Engagement, Involvement, Commitment
  1. Strategic Selling Skills

    1. I.D. Gatekeepers, Influences, and Decision Makers
    2. Analysis of Customer’s Need; recognition of Hot Buttons.
    3. Solution Selling: “Added Value” not low price
    4. Closing Skills and Strength
  1. Multi-year Track Record of Performance

    1. Self Presentation Binder or Hero File.
    2. Stack Rankings
    3. Performance Statistics
    4. Awards Won.
    5. Recognition Letters
    6. Customer Appreciation Letters
    7. Reference Letters
  1. To Feel “Sold” During the Interview.

    1. To visualize the person “doing the job.”
    2. Management needs fit management/ company style.
    3. Feel convinced candidate will be an overachiever.
    4. Have confidence in candidate’s commitment.
    5. Able to visualize a fast start.
    6. Believe candidate can earn promotions up ladder.


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